Wally Hawkins Photography

As a Director of Photography for television, a Lighting designer, and a Still Photographer, I have always had an eye for photography.  As a young child I brought a Kodak Instamatic camera on my Boy Scout camp outs to shoot the many different activities, and different locations just for the pure enjoyment of shooting pictures.  I was always excited about getting my pictures back from the developer to see what I had captured.  Then as I grew older I started shooting pictures of my friends skateboarding in swimming pools, pipes, spill ways, and skateboard parks.  At the same time I started shooting little movies of my friends skateboarding with my dads Super 8 movie camera.

I eventually became a television videographer.  While working as a Director of Photography in Hollywood for approximately 20 years I found i have a passion for lighting too, and I love creating with light.  "I believe lighting is an art in itself."

While in Hollywood, I was fortunate enough to work around some great photographers and lighting directors, so I was constantly learning.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not done learning, I try to learn something on every shoot and from everybody I work with.  When working on a shoot I believe in working as a team, I feel you get the best end product when working in that capacity.

I eventually came back to my roots and started shooting stills again.  I really love shooting stills, and I believe that shows in my pictures and my work ethic.

I look forward to working on your next project together...


Wally shot my daughter's graduation photos. His talent speaks for itself. The shots were amazing. It was fun and creative. He is passionate and wants the best pictures possible. It was a pleasure to work with Wally. I would highly recommend him for photos of any kind.

Janice D. on June 16, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Wally as he photographed my son's graduation photos. He was well prepared, had a variety of settings which fit my son's interests & personality. He was engaging with my son, which made it a fun experience. Not only was it a great experience, the photos were excellent, showing Wally's keen artistic talent. I have viewed many of Wally's other photographs which include portraits, landscapes & still life all of which are truly amazing.

Talarie F. on June 7, 2016

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