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Capturing the Essence of Las Vegas: Wally Hawkins' Art Graces Keller Williams Realty

In the heart of Las Vegas, where the city's pulse is felt most vibrantly, a remarkable collaboration between art and real estate has unfolded. Wally Hawkins, renowned Director of Photography, finds himself immersed in a unique project with Keller Williams Realty, a partnership that celebrates the fusion of creativity and business.

 Debbie Zois, the visionary broker at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, embarked on a journey to remodel her brokerage last fall. This endeavor was not just about bricks and mortar; it was about infusing the space with the spirit of Las Vegas. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, Debbie conceptualized a photo contest, inviting her agents to capture the soul of Southern Nevada through their lenses.

 For Wally Hawkins, the call to participate resonated deeply. Known for his exceptional work in cinematography on Hollywood's grand stages, Wally returned to his roots in Las Vegas, reigniting his passion for still photography. Debbie Zois recognized the unique perspective Wally could bring to the contest and extended a warm invitation for him to submit his own captivating images.

 The result? Wally's artistry now adorns the walls of Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, creating an immersive experience for clients and agents alike. The brokerage has been transformed into a gallery of visual stories, each photograph capturing the essence of Las Vegas – its vibrant landscapes, iconic scenes, and the undeniable allure of the city.

 Walking through the remodeled brokerage is like strolling through a curated exhibition of Wally Hawkins' lens. From the dazzling lights of the Strip to the serene beauty of Red Rock Canyon, each image tells a story, painting a vivid picture of Southern Nevada's multifaceted charm.

 In expressing his gratitude, Wally Hawkins emphasizes the significance of Debbie Zois' vision in fostering this artistic collaboration. "A big Thank You to Debbie Zois!" he exclaims, acknowledging the broker's role in providing a platform for artists within the real estate landscape.

 This unique synergy between art and real estate at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas sets a precedent, illustrating how a brokerage can transcend its traditional role and become a canvas for creativity. It's a testament to the power of collaboration, where a seasoned professional like Wally Hawkins finds a home for his art, and a broker like Debbie Zois transforms her space into a living art gallery.


As clients and agents alike enter Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, they are not only greeted by the promise of exceptional real estate services but also by the captivating narratives captured by Wally Hawkins' lens. This partnership stands as a shining example of how the worlds of real estate and art can seamlessly converge, creating a space that is not just about transactions but an experience that resonates with the soul of Las Vegas.

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