Wally Hawkins

From Hollywood's Director of Photography to Capturing Las Vegas' Beauty


Introduction: Wally Hawkins' life has been a fascinating journey of artistry, martial arts, and photography. From his early days traveling across the United States to becoming a successful Director of Photography in Hollywood, Wally's path eventually led him back to Las Vegas, where his true passion for still photography flourished. Learn about Wally's diverse interests and how his love for art drives him to tell captivating stories through his lens.

  • A Love for Photography from a Young Age: Wally's passion for photography ignited during his childhood, capturing images on Boy Scout campouts with a simple Kodak Instamatic camera. He further honed his skills, shooting various subjects and filming skateboarding movies using his father's Super 8 camera.

  • Martial Arts and Hollywood: After high school, Wally pursued his love for martial arts, earning a sixth-degree Black Belt in Karate and a first-degree Black Belt in Judo. This passion led him to the world of stunts, acting, and eventually working with television cameras in Hollywood.

  • Director of Photography in Hollywood: Wally's talent and dedication propelled him to become a Director of Photography for some of Hollywood's biggest shows, covering prestigious events like the Olympics, Oscars, Emmys, and more. He worked with renowned programs such as Access Hollywood, Extra, and E!, leaving a significant mark on the entertainment industry.

  • Family of Artists: Artistry runs in the family as Wally's daughter pursued her passion for art and graduated with an art degree from the Las Vegas Academy. She furthered her studies in the Arts Program at Pepperdine University, excelling as a 2D and 3D artist.

  • Return to Las Vegas: After spending years in Hollywood, Wally returned to Las Vegas to support his aging father following the loss of his mother. Back in his hometown, he rekindled his love for still photography and decided to brush up on his skills by attending school.

  • Awe-Inspiring Las Vegas Photography: Today, Wally produces breathtaking images of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada, showcasing the city's unique charm and capturing the region's mesmerizing landscapes. His photographs reflect his pure love for art and his unwavering determination to become a masterful storyteller through photography.

Wally Hawkins' life has taken him on an incredible journey from Hollywood's Director of Photography to a renowned Las Vegas-based photographer. Through his passion for art, martial arts, and storytelling, Wally captures the essence of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada in his awe-inspiring images. As his life comes full circle, he continues to be a busy photographer, creating visual masterpieces that celebrate the beauty and allure of his beloved hometown.