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Wally Hawkins Photography

Looking Good

Looking Good

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As I set up my camera facing the familiar Red Rock landscape, a thought crosses my mind: it's time for something new. I've spent years here, capturing the fence that stretches into the horizon and the towering red cliffs that have become like old friends to me. But today, I'm on a quest for a fresh perspective, something that'll become my new signature look.

During the Golden Hour, the sight is surreal. The sun low in the sky bathes everything in a kind of golden fire. The air cools down, and I feel the subtle transition in the temperature, like the desert itself is settling in for the evening. The breeze picks up, a light wind that brushes past me, tinged with the unforgettable scent of arid soil and sparse vegetation. As I adjust my focus, I hear birds chirping their goodnights, filling the relative silence of the evening. I wonder, should I go for close-ups this time, capturing the gritty texture of the rocks? The smallest details, from the tiny cracks to the smooth worn faces, each tell a story, a geological history millions of years in the making.

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