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Wally Hawkins Photography

The Sin City Rainbow

The Sin City Rainbow

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Man, I can't believe my luck! I heard that a bunch of places on the Las Vegas Strip were going to turn pink to celebrate the K-Pop band BLACKPINK. I just had to go and snap a photo of the Eiffel Tower all lit up in pink. But guess what? The universe had something even cooler in store for me.

We'd been having these wild monsoon storms all week. Right as I was setting up my shot, the sun started to set, and out of nowhere—BOOM!—a rainbow popped up because of the rains. Seriously, what are the odds? It was like Mother Nature was showing off just for me. So there I was, with a stunning pink Eiffel Tower and a vibrant rainbow, all in one frame!

How I Framed The Shot

I knew I had to get this right, so I used the "rule of thirds" to frame my shot. Imagine breaking down the image into nine equal parts with two vertical and two horizontal lines. The idea is to put the important stuff—like that awesome rainbow and the pink Eiffel Tower—along these lines or where they intersect.

Adjusting My Settings

Before hitting the shutter button, I double-checked my camera settings. Since the lighting was kinda weird thanks to the storm and the setting sun, I had to play around with the aperture and shutter speed. I went for a faster shutter speed to capture the rainbow's colors crisply and a smaller aperture (that's the f-number) to get everything in focus.


Finally, I held my breath and clicked. When I checked the preview, man, it was like capturing a magic moment. And get this, if you look really close, you can even see that the Eiffel Tower has pink lights inside it! Talk about a double win!

Now all that's left is to take this bad boy into some photo editing software to make sure all the colors pop just the way I want them to. But honestly, with a scene this perfect, there's not much to improve.

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