Hey Wally, just got your book. Absolutely spectacular! And I love all the section intros. You’ve captured the soul of the city and surrounding landscapes. I think people will be very moved by the images. I know I was. – RQ

Hi Wally! Thanks so much for dropping your wonderful book off the other day. I have read through it twice and my most negative comment is that I wish I had thought of it first! Ha. It’s a wonderful chronicle of that time, which at times seems like ancient history and at others, just the other day. The pictures are fabulous and the timeline definitely keeps it all in perspective and shows the progress of the virus. Good job. I know guests will want to look at this book, will keep it out in a handy place. – AM

Received the book! Great coffee table book. Love the photos. -TU

First off your photos are outstanding. I can’t wait for this book. – DJ

My friends are super happy with how their dining room looks with their new pic on the wall…It makes me feel great too! 😊